Trip Report – July 2019

Leading Coefficients

On any given trip, one of us sets a date and puts the word out. Whoever can make it does. This was one of the rare trips where Allen and I hit the road together. We did so with a goal: to camp on a ridge where Allen and his father had stayed decades previously, solely for the sake of watching the stars.

Being up above the usual glen (for real, that’s what it’s called) we camp in, our daylight hours were extended significantly. This let us explore a bit before backtracking to camp. We only went far enough to send a few texts and to grab a shot from our favorite lookout.

As for our camp site, it worked out perfectly that the weather was good, the skies were clear, and the wind was calm. We are seldom so lucky for all of these conditions to align – especially at elevation. We rolled in, made a quick dinner, and relaxed. Being full and happy, we got still and started getting visitors.

We finished setting up camp and enjoyed the rest of our evening.

The next morning, we awoke just before sunrise. The birds were going nuts, the sun was full blast immediately, and we had not slept nearly long enough. That meant the day was going to be short. We headed down to our usual area to find all our favorite sites already occupied. We explored a few new options and found one we were happy with.

It was close to the trail and had some other campers nearby, but it had enough room for the two of us and good water access.

We lazed around in camp from lunchtime on. I stretched out in my tent to read my Kindle while Allen…uh…built a fire.


Later we took some pictures of bugs before riding up the trail a bit, where we found something far more dangerous.

The rest of this visit was quiet an uneventful. We rolled out the next morning, headed for home and to plan for our next trip.


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