Welcome to our work in progress!  We were content with just using social media and forums to share our stories, but Photobucket’s recent attempt to extort its users with a ridiculous price point motivated us to take responsibility for hosting our images ourselves.

We used 1and1.com to purchase our domain and to manage our hosting.  For a standard package, it’s only $12 for the first year.  If this doesn’t work like we want it to, no big deal, we’ll do something different next summer.  Regardless, we weren’t about to continue to do business with Photobucket.  Rewarding their tactics is the last thing anyone should do.

Enough ranting!  We’ve just bought the domain and began setting things up.  We really have no idea what we’re doing, but we’re learning as fast as we can.  Wordpress has a vast selection of excellent themes.  We’re experimenting to find a style we like with the features we need, so expect plenty of changes until that gets settled.  We’ll also be working on restoring photo links on various forums, starting with our build threads.

Thanks for stopping by.  Tread lightly, and we hope to see you on the trail!

Kevin & Shannon

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